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Yoga Instructor | Cleveland, OH

I have always been a wellness enthusiast. I decided to take my passion to India to learn and
become certified in teaching yoga. On top of yoga, I also have a background in success coaching
for Cleveland State University. Overall, I have taught yoga in healthcare, educational and
correctional facilities.

My Services

I offer a variety of yoga services that you are likely to not get anywhere else. With my extensive background, I have worked with all ages from children to seniors. I offer services ranging from Online Yoga to Chair Yoga. Feel free to contact me if you see a package that fits your needs.

Yoga Instruction

Most Popular

I offer a relaxing yoga experience that mixes soreness cleansing, meditation, and a  light workout.


You’re bound to feel more peace of mind after this guided meditation. I’ve had clients tell me this gets their thoughts right for the rest of the week.

Kids Yoga

With my background teaching yoga at educational facilities I don’t shy away from providing yoga teaching to kids and young adults.

Content Production

I have a personal studio that I use to record and produce multimedia content for clients and business owners. Please feel free to checkout my sample videos below.

Inside Look at The Studio

I’ve been blessed to collaborate with a few talented individuals to produce yoga and wellness content. Not only do I regularly record meditations, yoga videos and blog posts but I also arrange and edit these for made-to-order requests.

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